How to contribute to the roadmap ?

Roadmap reflects both the committers and users objectives. As the project leader, eBM WebSourcing ensure frequent releases depending on this roadmap. To contribute, send a message on forum or mailing-list with your priorities, so we can take it into account.

Roadmap for Petals Master

The major release 1.0 scheduled for decembre 2009:

  • Share services (Publish): make services available to all interested parties
    • Import services from service descriptions (WSDL 1.1 and 2.0): URL, file system and XML dataset import
    • Import services from execution environments : Petals ESB
  • Reuse services (Find): find available services that fits your needs
    • Keywords based search: name, categories ("tags"), provided operations, protocole, description, enterprise/person roles (providers, developpers, etc.), related documents (specifications, etc.)
    • Execution environment browser: search services deployed on specific Petals nodes or Servers
    • UDDI based search: Inquiry API v2 and v3 supported
  • Evaluate services (Document, Enrich): services meet your needs ?
    • Related documents (specifications, test reports, documentations, etc.): supported document formats are PDF, DOC, HTML
    • Community aspects: service and enpoint ratings, tags and comments

Proposed features for the next release:

Following are a number of different areas on which we plan to work until the next release. You could contribute by commiting code or simply by sending a message on forum or mailing-list with your priorities.

  • Advanced user profile and roles
    • Role customization: create your own roles based on customized sets of accessible features
  • WSDL dependencies support including imported WSDL and XML schemas
  • Enriched WSDL support including: security and reliability policies, SAWSDL (WSDL with sementic annotations)
  • Service versioning and lifecycle management
  • Enriched service information including non functional data like response time, availability etc.
  • Reporting and Notifications
    • Dashboards: service reuse factor, test reports, availability, response time, failures, etc.
    • RSS or email subscription to be notified on service changes
  • Impact analysis
  • Full SLA support: SLA enforcement, service contract creation and management based on information collected on execution environments

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