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You can find here all Petals Master distributions ordered by version.

Web Application Distribution

The Web app distribution is a distribution dedicated to users that already have a servlet container (tested on tomcat 5 and 6 only) installed. It provides an UI, a UDDI API and a specific Web Service API.

New ! Web Application Distribution (Web service only)

This distribution is similar to the previous one but only UDDI and WS API are available (no UI). It must be deployed in a servlet container (tested on Tomcat 5 and 6 only).

Standalone Distribution

This distribution is a standalone distribution that embed Tomcat and provides its own start/stop scripts. No need to install a servlet container, just unzip and execute the startup script.

Petals ESB

Petals Master can be connected to Petals ESB to synchronize running services with the registry. This Web Service connection API is available since Petals ESB version 3.0.

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